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How to Stop Releasing Previously Fixed Defects

Previously fixed defects account for up to 45% of all bugs in production software. These types of bugs present serious challenges to engineering teams, consuming large chunks of department time in “root cause” efforts, which fail to solve the problem.

Code Insight analyzes billions of lines of code in seconds. It doesn’t suffer from the false-positive problem that plagues many defect detection tools. It’s easily integrated with all major SCM systems and it fits neatly into your current development and release management processes, reinforcing quality protocols by blocking offending pieces of code or negligent coders.

Two Solutions

Code Insight consists of two products: Code Assurance and Clone Detection. Code Assurance relies on true innovation in advanced pattern search and discovery tailored specifically to analyze source code to find every instance of a defect. Clone Detection is a new technology that combines data mining with an understanding of code syntax and semantics to find code clones and difficult- to-detect copy-paste bugs.

Code Assurance

Code Assurance is the only solution that detects every instance of a bug so it can never be released again. Based on Pattern Insight’s patent-pending fuzzy matching technology, it tolerates any variable name change and statement insertion and deletion.
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Clone Detection

Clone Detection is an advanced analysis engine that quickly detects duplicate patterns within code and allows you to find code clones and difficult-to-detect copy-paste bugs. It’s blazingly fast, reporting all code clones in 5 minutes per million lines of code.
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